The People

Anders Engqvist

Anders Engqvist was born in 1944 in Vetlanda in southern Sweden and lives now in Vällingby near Stockholm. He attended the ‘Schule für Sprachgestaltung’ at the Goetheanum in Switzerland graduating in 1970, and worked as an actor on the Goetheanum stage until 1983, also teaching at the Speech and Drama school there. He has always had a special interest for Eurythmy and has been touring in England, Denmark and Sweden. In 1983 he moved to Stockholm and became a teacher for drama  and curative speech at the Kristofferskolan in Bromma until 2010. Since 2012 he has been part of the Järna Mystery Drama Group playing, among others, the part of Felix Balde.

Franziska Koch

Franziska Koch Wahren was born in 1960 in Bonn (Germany). She studied eurythmy at the Schule für eurythmische Art und Kunst in Berlin with Helene Reisinger, in Dornach with Hedwig Greiner and at the eurythmy school in Witten-Annen with Rosemarie Basold. She finished her training in 1984. Since then she has continuously worked on artistic projects and has a Masters in stage eurythmy from Alfter (Germany). In 1985 she emigrated to Järna/Sweden. She has also  been active as a eurythmy teacher in Västerås -and Gnesta Waldorf schools. For the last 20 years she has been living in Stockholm and teaches eurythmy at the Kristoffer School. 

Kristina Tucinska

Kristina Tucinska, lives in Stockholm, she finished her training as a eurythmist with Werner Barfod in The Hague in 1989 and has been working as a eurythmist all the rest of her life. She has a MA in Stage eurythmy from Alfter (Germany). She has been part of the Swedish Mystery Drama Group where she has played many roles  both as  a eurythmist and actor including the Spirit of the Elements, and the Guardian of the Threshold. Kristina is also a qualified curative eurythmist.

Maria Linden Thell

Maria Linden Thell lives in Baskemölla, Österlen, on the southeast coast of Sweden. She is a eurythmy teacher with a M.Ed in Steiner Education. She holds workshops and retreats within Choreocosmos: School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance (eurythmy) and has a deep interest in the art of movement as a spiritual path and community building. For many years she has been part of the Järna Mystery Drama Group playing the role of Theodora.

Per Linden Thell

Per Linden Thell lives in Baskemölla, Österlen, on the southeast coast of Sweden. He trained in speech formation at the Artemis School of Speech and Drama in East Grinstead, England. He has been playing the part of Johannes in Rudolf Steiner’s four Mystery Dramas at the Kulturhuset in Järna, Sweden for the last twelve years. For more than thirty years he has been active as a movement teacher in Steiner education.

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson is a lighting designer born in England in 1951. After moving to Holland he started to work in theatre in the Municipal Theatre of Arnhem. while he was in Holland he came into contact with the Dutch Eurythmy Ensemble led by Werner Barfod and since then he has lit for many of the world’s eurythmy ensembles. In 1995 he formed the company Prometheus Lighting with some colleagues. He has designed for drama, opera and ballet as well as touring all over the world with Eurythmy productions. He has designed the lighting for Rudolf Steiner’s four mystery dramas at the Goetheanum in Switzerland where he now lives. The Inn at the End of the Valley is his first play.

Volker Vogel

Volker Vogel was born in Karlsruhe, Germany. He studied as a singer in Hannover but discontinued after 2 years to become an assistant director at the Hannover State Opera, later becoming a director, singer and actor in Hildesheim. He sang as a Tenor in Dortmund, Freiburg, the Volksoper in Vienna and from 1991 until 2009 at the Opera in Zurich. During this time he made guest appearances in many of the world’s leading opera houses including la Scala in Milan, the MET in New York, Opera Bastille in Paris, as well as in the Festival in Salzburg. Since 2002 he has concentrated more and more on directing mainly for Operetta. After 2009 he has been working free-lance both as a singer and a director, directing in among others in Vienna, Innsbruck, Basel as well as in Leipzig where he was senior director and singer at the Musikalische Kömodie from 2010 until 2015. Now he works when he is called to do so as a Director, Actor or Singer.

Janecke Wyller

Mats-Ola Ohlsson

Barbara Tucinska

Barbara Tucinska completed her Eurythmy training in Järna, Sweden and trained further in The Hague, participating and touring with productions in both places. She has been working for many years at the Haganäs curative homes in Järna and taking part in many large music theatre productions. In 2017 she performed in the eurythmy production ‘Jag är ocksä bara en människa’.

Henric Leeuwengard